"Soon after Hurricane Harvey, XLX was asked if we wanted to play at Day for Night Festival in Houston, TX, where we're from. I decided to write new music for the show and How Long was the first song I wrote. I originally intended it to be an introduction to our set.

The song is a plea to the Digital Age. Commenting on surveillance, our digital routines and adapting to the future.

My original ideas were very basic, and Eugene & Sergey expanded on them more than I could have imagined.
We're very proud to bring this to you and hope you enjoy"
Ryan Lawless - XLX Music
Director: Eugene Golovanchuk
Design: Sergey Shvets & Eugene Golovanchuk
Music: XLX
Scene Structure #2 (Eugene's UI)
Scene Structure #2 (Sergey's UI)
We would like to thank TFM, Observerdoel, Kitbash3d, Erasmus for giving us an opportunity,
to work with their AAA models and materials.
Also, huge thanks to Motion Designers Community for their social media support.

XLX - Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Site​​​​​​​

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